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Bank of England ‘will not hesitate’ to act as it monitors market turmoil

Reuters | September 27, 2022

By Amanda Cooper, David Milliken and Andy Bruce LONDON (Reuters) -The Bank of England said on Monday it would not hesitate to change interest rates and was monitoring markets “very closely”, after the pound plunged to a record low and British bond prices collapsed in response to the new government’s financial plans. Finance minister Kwasi […]

Price Expansion and Retraction: The Rubber Band Effect

Cam White | September 26, 2022

If you pull a rubber band too far, too fast, what happens? It snaps back, right?  The same thing happens with stocks, indexes, and currencies.  If they’re pulled too far in one direction, eventually they’ll snap back and revert to back to the mean.  In fact, we see it happen all the time. To spot […]

Toyota Motor to close its factory in Russia

Reuters | September 23, 2022

MOSCOW (Reuters) -Japan’s Toyota Motor Corp said on Friday that it had decided to end vehicle production in Russia due to the interruption in supplies of key materials and parts. Toyota had suspended production in St Petersburg in March due to supply chain problems, and stopped importing to Russia. “During this period we have fully […]

Technical Analysis Patterns – Continuation Patterns

Cam White | September 23, 2022

What Is the Symmetrical Triangle? The Symmetrical Triangle is a chart pattern that is recognized by the distinct shape created by two converging trend-lines. The pattern is identified by drawing two trend-lines that connect a series of sequentially lower peaks and a series of sequentially higher troughs. Both trend-lines act as support and resistance levels […]

How to Spot a Trading Opportunity with Four Indicators

Cam White | September 22, 2022

Fear can destroy a stock in seconds. But it can also create a wealth of opportunity if you know when to buy it. In fact, it’s how investors like Warren Buffett, Sir John Templeton, and Baron Rothschild made their money. Each of them subscribed to fundamental analysis to do so. However, we can take it a […]

Bank of England hikes rates by 50 bps as economy slows

Reuters | September 22, 2022

LONDON (Reuters) – The Bank of England raised its key interest rate to 2.25% from 1.75% on Thursday and said it would continue to “respond forcefully, as necessary” to inflation, despite the economy entering recession. The BoE move follows the U.S. Federal Reserve’s decision on Wednesday to raise its key rate by three quarters of […]

Wall Street slumps as investors absorb hawkish Fed rate message

Reuters | September 21, 2022

By David French (Reuters) – Wall Street’s main indexes see-sawed before slumping in the final 30 minutes of trading to end Wednesday lower, as investors digested another supersized Federal Reserve hike and its commitment to keep up increases into 2023 to fight inflation. All three benchmarks finished more than 1.7% down, with the Dow posting […]

How To Trade Channel Breakouts

Cam White | September 21, 2022

During the last month I received a few emails from traders who are just getting started. They were happy with the advice I was providing but wanted to know some easy swing trading method for anyone to follow. I decided to give specifics this time around, so that beginners can try and actually follow along […]

Wall Street falls as Fed, Ford forecasts, give fright

Reuters | September 20, 2022

By David French (Reuters) – Wall Street ended Tuesday lower as the eve of a U.S. Federal Reserve meeting expected to bring another large interest rate hike brought further evidence of the impact on corporate America from the inflation that the U.S. central bank wants to tame. The benchmark S&P 500 index has dropped 19.1% […]

Homebuilder Sentiment Falls for Ninth Straight Month

Cam White | September 20, 2022

Jeff Zananiri Single-family home builders’ confidence continues to wane this month… the ninth in a row.  Experts feared that the National Association of Home Builders/Wells Fargo Housing Market Index would drop down to 47.  Instead, it came in at 46 – the lowest since May 2014 (when you pull the Covid plunges out of the […]

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