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Price Expansion and Retraction: The Rubber Band Effect

Cam White | August 9, 2022

If you pull a rubber band too far, too fast, what happens? It snaps back, right?  The same thing happens with stocks, indexes, and currencies.  If they’re pulled too far in one direction, eventually they’ll snap back and revert to back to the mean.  In fact, we see it happen all the time. To spot […]

Technical Analysis: RSI Can Lead to 80% Success

Cam White | August 5, 2022

Traders are often told to buy excessive fear or greed. Unfortunately, many aren’t aware of when to actually pull the trigger, or realize when fear or greed have gotten way out of control. But there’s a simple way to know exactly when to buy and when to sell. Of the dozens of indicators on the […]

How to Identify Flag and Pennant Setups

Cam White | August 4, 2022

Once you begin to understand technical analysis, you’re literally looking at a consolidated view of the very forces of supply and demand – the two key forces that drive stocks. We’ve already discussed some of the most powerful and most used patterns, like Bollinger Bands, Fibonacci retracements, relative strength, head and shoulder patterns, breakouts, and […]

Using the Chaikin Oscillator to Stay on the Right Side of the Market

Cam White | August 2, 2022

Any time you use technical analysis, confirmation is essential. If you’re not willing to confirm, you’re doing yourself a great disservice. In fact, at no time will I ever just use Bollinger Bands (2,20), MACD, relative strength, or Williams’ R% alone. That’s an amateur, foolish move. If Williams’ %R is telling me something, yet four other […]

How to Spot a Trading Opportunity with Four Indicators

Cam White | July 29, 2022

Fear can destroy a stock in seconds. But it can also create a wealth of opportunity if you know when to buy it. In fact, it’s how investors like Warren Buffett, Sir John Templeton, and Baron Rothschild made their money. Each of them subscribed to fundamental analysis to do so. However, we can take it a […]

The Bull Call Debit Spread Explained

Cam White | July 21, 2022

A bull call spread is a vertical spread that relies on two calls with the different strike prices and same expiration date. The strike price of the short call is higher than the strike price of the long call, which means this strategy is a debit spread, but the short call option can be utilized […]

Swing Trading Stocks Techniques – Find Trending Markets and Managing Risk

Cam White | July 21, 2022

Many traders, who are starting out, have a strong believe that swing trading stocks techniques have to be complex to be profitable. I want to reiterate again as I have mentioned many times this is just not true. There is no correlation between complex strategies and profitability. You may have seen some of my videos […]

Using Moving Averages for Technical Analysis

Cam White | July 21, 2022

If You Had One Indicator for Trading Technical Analysis What Would It Be? I participated in a trading webinar this past weekend where I demonstrated a few strategies to about 1,000 traders. The question I got asked the most over and over by at least 20 participants was to provide my favorite indicator for trading […]

Relative Strength and Call Options

Cam White | July 19, 2022

According to statistical analysis and based on over 20 years of trading experience, I can tell you without hesitation that very basic relative strength analysis between two related stocks or other assets is one of the best market timing methods that you will find. I’ve said it many times before and I will say it […]

How to Spot Potential Breakout Opportunities

Cam White | July 13, 2022

Great traders will always go where the action is. Volatility, momentum, new highs, and liquidity are some of the key traits they’ll look for. Other times, there’s a fundamental reason for the break, including news, or event that’ll draw even more traders in. Just what is a breakout, though? A breakout occurs when a price clears […]

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